2. Group Philosophy|providing the required services to the relevant people

Group Philosophy

A company that provides a platform to realizes dreams and goals

By providing new services and mechanisms in society, we contribute to the realization of a better society through the discovery and implementation of dreams.

A company that inspires creativity

To continue to provide gratification beyond expectations.

Behavioural guidelines


Maximise an individual's personality with their dreams.


Always have the attitude to enjoy work.


Continuously develop and grow by challenging new tasks, even if the risks are high.


Continue to develop new services and improve it.

Respect humanity

Cherish your peers. Do not just focus on products and services.

Origin of the company's name

The company's name is a mix of time (Clock), lock-on (Targeting) and Rock-on (Enjoy). To the appropriate target audience, without forgetting the cheerful experience provided, we raise and create individual dreams and goals, assisting in its realization. This forms the idea of a “platform company to realize dreams”.

List of internal systems

Department Free Agent Announcements After 2 years, announcement of FA. Transfers negotiations to other departments.
Fulfil dreams Commercialize presentations to executives. Proposer of the presentation will be responsible for obtaining incentives based on results.
As a spin-off, the proposer may be appointed as president if he/she satisfies certain sales criteria.
Right brain stimulation (Promote creativity) Once a month, company employees are provided, free of charge, trips to museums, exhibitions to simulate their creativity.
Left brain activity (Logic stimulation) Company employees may apply for a book they want to read and the company will purchase it. (Up to 2 books per month). Stimulated the left brain through reading.
Extra holiday to celebrate something special Employees have the right to declare one day in a year as a special day paid for by the company (Anniversary can be specified separately).
Travellers To employees who are active travellers, one year leave to travel is possible.
Maternity leave
(Women only)
6 weeks of leave before birth, 100,000 yen gift upon baby's birth and 8 weeks leave after birth.
Child benefits First child 5000 yen/month
Second child 10,000 yen/month (total of 15,000 yen/month)
Third child 15,000 yen/month (total of 30,000 yen/month)


Nov 05, 2014
Launching OenNote service in Thailand
Feb 20, 2014
Launching OenNote service in Indonesia
Dec 24, 2013
Launching OenNote service in Malaysia
Aug 13, 2013
Launching OenNote service in Singapore