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What is TARGET ON?

By bundling multiple sites together, TARGET ON is an advertisement delivery service that allows advertisers to be deliver their ads at once to their targets in forms of web banners. In 2012, TARGET ON received its new name from the precious “PsyCLON”.

How to attract potential customers

In addition the analysis that's available from the network of websites, it is also possible for the bidder of the website to enhance the effect of ad delivery by identifying user's interests from their search terms through the use of high precision targeting technology.

150 million users in the network

The state-of-the-art ad serving technology is able to analyse 150 million users' behavioural history across the network. This include industries like real estate, human resource, finance and hobbies such as cars, miscellaneous goods and beauty.

Analysis on “actions” and “keywords”

Advertising campaigns can be carried out with higher accuracy by obtaining users' behaviour analysis results from across the network and the website bidder's client.

State-of-the-art targeting technology

Through various means (behaviour analysis, keyword, area, time, etc.) and incorporating reliable and latest technology, we are able to provide more effective advertising.

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